Day 259

Awesome mailbox #67

September 14th, 2012

Located outside the Manhattan Detention Complex visitor entrance. A nearby sign reads:

You are not allowed to enter any DOC facility while in possession of narcotics, weapons, or tobacco products. Lockers are available inside of the building to secure your personal and/or prohibited items. These lockers only accept a quarter for use during your visit. There is also 1 "amnesty box" outside in which you may deposit any illegal substances or items you may have in your possession, no questions asked. All illegal substances or items must be deposited before you enter the first search station and will not be returned.

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  1. k says:

    Kind of like the SFO airport: Eat it / Claim it / Dump it bins between baggage claim and customs. A no-questions -asked “amnesty garbage bin” for the last minute changes of heart… Can you imagine what is in this / those at the end of a day?

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