Day 268

Aerial graffiti

September 23rd, 2012

SABER protests Mitt Romney's plans to stop funding arts programs like PBS, NPR, and the NEA..


  1. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    While I am not a fan of either two clowns running for President, I have went to their websites and read up on what they intend to do. Mr Rumney says on the programs that he is cutting that he will cut the waste out, and these programs do waste a lot of our money (OUR MONEY). Down here in Alabama people call us Rednecks and we make it alright without the Arts and etc. If we ever see anything like he’s talking about cutting we have to travel and pay for it, so why should just certain parts of the country have it and the rest do without. Heck we live so far back out in the sticks they bring sunshine to us, record the radio programs and put on pack mules and ship it in. Heck they are even making TV shows now about the way we live, and with the ratings people must like our way of life. Just kidding on parts of this but everybody needs to be on the level. I wonder how many hits I will get back slurring me like when I said Rumney got the miners on his ad before Obama did and the Obama team got mad because they did not get there first.

  2. Jeff in Joisy says:

    I will not slam Ray.

    I thought that I would suggest that Big Bird reached up to write that protest in the sky.

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      He may have , just look what 5 airplanes cost to rent to do this, talk about waste, he could have fed some of New York’s homeless for 2 or 3 months with what the useless advertising cost. He would have even got a tax deduction . I look at how people spend money for garbage and wonder how they got out of bed this morning.

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