Day 488

1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe

May 1st, 2013

We've already seen the sedan; here's the coupe.

This car was parked along Corbett Road, which takes its name from Gentleman Jim Corbett, a former resident. He wasn't the only famous inhabitant of this street, however. According to Forgotten New York:

In the 1910s Bayside became a film actors’ colony until the nascent industry decamped to Hollywood. The Famous Players-Lasky Corporation built studios in Astoria that still stand today, and Bayside joined South Greenfield, Brooklyn as a filmmaking hotbed, with D.W. Griffith, in particular, filming hundreds of productions. Corbett Road became a favorite spot for stars to make their homes, with W.C. Fields, Norma Talmadge and John Barrymore all living along the scenic way overlooking Crocheron Park. Years after the film industry moved to California, Paul Newman resided on Corbett as well.

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