Day 501

East 143rd Street – St. Mary’s Street

May 14th, 2013

This remote-looking outpost on the 6 train is, by a wide margin, the Bronx's least-used subway station, with only 285,464 riders entering here in 2012, compared to 524,988 at Whitlock Avenue, the borough's second-most lonely stop. Citywide, only a handful of stations on the Rockaway Line (which is finally back up and running in its entirety, seven months after getting pounded by Hurricane Sandy) had fewer passengers last year. If you're interested, you can see annual ridership numbers for each subway station here.

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  1. Matt Green says:

    Comment from Gary Fonville about this photo:

    “The desolation and relative low utilization of that station reflect the decking of manufacturing in NYC. Three large businesses were within walking distance of the station. Farberware (cookware), Ward Bakery and A&P were the businesses. Hmmmm. No wonder.”

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