Day 522

The Home of the Stars

June 4th, 2013

"I thought it would be nice to take the stars and de-brand them in a way."

This piece by Ellen Harvey (more photos and info here) lines a passageway at the Yankee Stadium Metro-North station. According to the artist:

The mosaic consists of eleven 18 ft. by 6.75 ft. panels. The panels show a sunset and moon and star rise in 15 minute increments, starting at 6.30pm (the time most Yankee fans would be arriving at the train station for an evening game) and ending at 9 pm. The sky depicted is based on watercolors based on photographs of a typically spectacular Bronx sunset and the location of the sun, moon and stars are those that viewers would experience gazing in the direction of the walkway wall in April of 2009 (the completion date of the new Yankee Stadium). Of course, given the light pollution of the city, the stars in the final panels of the mosaic would never actually be visible to the naked eye.

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