Day 690


November 19th, 2013


  1. Maureen says:


  2. Bill says:

    :Let’s Go” at the top of the center, brick building. ??? Interesting round silver colored “item” on the sidewalk. ???

  3. Bill says:

    Cool. Thanks. :-)

  4. Ben Hagen says:

    Been wondering about this since you posted it a couple of years ago, Matt, and I finally found an answer: 863 4th Avenue was home to the Let’s Go Pleasure Club of Kings County beginning in 1923 (and was probably built by them around the same time). The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports that it was founded by seven WWI veterans who were “restless still with the spirit of ‘let’s go let’s go.'” In 1934, the group changed its name to the Let’s Go Democratic Club of the 7th A.D. They were there until at least 1937, but I can’t find anything later than that date. You can read a couple of articles that mention the place at and

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