Day 1013

Madison Gardens

October 8th, 2014

As described in a 1931 Brooklyn Daily Eagle article:

A series of co-operative shops right in your own home! That's one of the attractive features of Madison Gardens, 2425 Kings Highway (E. 24th St. to Bedford Ave.). These shops are for the use of tenants, and they are not visible from the street. But what an accommodation to the fortunate residents of the Gardens. These shops are connected with the different apartments by the interhouse telephone, so service can be practically immediate.

Another unique feature of this apartment house is the parcel receiving room, where the woman who has been out all afternoon can be sure of finding her purchases safe and sound on her arrival home.

In addition, this is a genuine gardent [sic] apartment, with garden court at the front, landscaped and shrubbed and 100 by 65 feet in size. Transit factilities [sic] are the finest, with the Kings Highway station of the B. M. T. Brighton line a short distance away, trolleys and buses operating almost at the door.

The apartments are in 2½, 3 and 4 rooms with bath, and 5 rooms and 2 baths. Sunlight and air are permanent features, since the building is completely detached on all sides. The kitchens have every built-in feature that would be looked for in this type of house, and in addition an electric clock in the dining alcove. Best of all, from the tenants' point of view, is the fact that no charge is made for the electric refrigeration. Bathrooms are in colored tile, with hampers, Venetian mirrored medicine cabinets, and in the 5-room apartments stall showers.

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