Day 1213

A tribute to the Petroleum Professional

April 26th, 2015

~ Twilight's Last Fueling ~

It is impossible to accurately measure the results of fueling aircraft safely. No one can count the fires that never start or the engine failures and the forced landings that never take place and one can neither evaluate the lives that are not lost, nor plumb the depths of the human misery we have been spared, but the Fuelhandlers can find lasting satisfaction in the knowledge they have worked wisely and well, and that safety has been their first consideration.

Presented to Allied Aviation & The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

In sincere appreciation of outstanding dedicated public service of enduring value during hurricane Sandy. Never in the history of disaster recovery has the role of the Petroleum Professional been so prominent.

The National Petroleum Management Association
19 November 2013
~ Presidents Award ~

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