Day 15

Another grassroots donor

April 10th, 2010

A few women stopped their car in front of Millheim Small Engine to take photos with me. The owner of the establishment (Henry?), pictured with his daughter Emily, came over to see if I needed anything to drink or eat. I told him I was all set, and he stuck a $20 bill in my hand.

Emily's response to the amount of walking I'm doing: "I hate that."


  1. Angeline Barger says:

    Matt that would of been myself my daughter and my best friend that stopped at Milheim to have pictures taken with you. Its so amazing what you are doing! I will email you a copy of the pics we took with you. Good luck and gods speed! Angeline Barger,Danielle Barger & Tracey Shilling.

  2. Nancy & Dennis says:

    hey Matt dennis wants to know how are you feet and legs holding up?? looks like you are meeting and seeing amazing things and people. keep in touch hope you get a hot shower and a bed for the night you deserve it

  3. Rhonda says:

    I was also wondering about your feet and legs. good to know they’re great but any shin splints yet.

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