Day 22

William and Mary

April 17th, 2010

I set up my tent in their yard during a lull in the rain, and dove in just as it started pouring again. I got to visit with Bill and Mary later in the evening when things cleared up for a while. They let me take a much needed shower and sent me off with a bag of food for the road. Mary also offered to drive me to Ohio so I could skip the rest of the PA hills, but I sadly had to decline.


  1. George Broze says:

    Would kind of defeat the purpose. ;-)

  2. Mom says:

    Your mom especially thanks William and Mary for that shower!

  3. Mary says:

    Dear Mom…I was only too happy to help out any way I could but I’m am concerned with the junk food he’s being offered…Hope someone along the way will offer-up some veggies or fruit!

  4. Bob Currie says:

    This is wonderful, almost makes me want to say goodbye to a 31+ year career and hit the road while I still can.

  5. Lauren says:

    I am really, really enjoying reading this…*This* being that there are still kind hearted people out there that lovingly reach out to help you no questions asked….well, you know what I mean. Thank you for this- for the pictures and writing, and helping me restore my faith in human kind.
    Walk on, walk hard, walk safe!

  6. Earl says:

    Bill and Mary are good people, and must have respect for adventure. I’m so glad people like them exist, instead of a bunch of people looking down their noses all the time…

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