Day 21

Come on down to C. Glenn Merchandising

April 16th, 2010

For all your junk, rusty junk, and worthless rusty junk needs!


  1. Thomas says:

    A bit mindful of a place I saw in Lancaster County PA … billed as “the Amish Fred Sanford” … but I wasn’t convinced, how would anybody Amish know who Fred Sanford was?

  2. TOM F. says:

    How can you C. Glenn Merchandising when he’s closed – false advertising!

  3. Nancy & Dennis says:

    glad he’s not my neighbor

  4. raul says:

    you better have a tetanus shot if you get close by there :)

  5. Timothy Kowalski says:

    Call American Pickers!!!!!!!

  6. Bob Currie says:

    I think that grill under the sign was stolen back in 1983 from my neighbors 1982 Ford F 150 pickup.

  7. Barb V says:

    Toilet seats! One of them has a carseat sitting on top of it. Forget diapers – just put a hole in the seat on top of the seat; buckle the baby in; take a nap for a couple of hours.

  8. Karen also says:

    I see some AWESOME mailboxes just waiting to happen!.. It’s really fun to go back and look at the pictures and comments that have been added along the way.

  9. Austin E Lucas says:

    I’ve been there as early as 2002, maybe earlier. In this photo the building looks like it’s in a lot better shape than it now is in the tail end of 2014! At this time the building is literally falling in on itself, it’s in such bad shape and there’s a hole in the other side of the building (farther back from the road than where this photo was taken, though) that anyone could walk into if so inclined yet at the same time there could be a bunch of wild animals living in there now so I suggest staying away if you’re not there to bulldoze it or clear the place out.

  10. Austin E Lucas says:

    Another thing about this place. Before it closed in 2012, (yes I didn’t mention that in my earlier comment but that was the last year it was open) I had a dream that I somehow destroyed the building and the store owner thanked me for it. So, did he not want to have the building?

  11. Austin E Lucas says:

    Well, This building has seen its days. I just went there on 17 March 2015 and the second floor caved in on Floor 1, plus the roof is caved in at many places. 2014-2015 winter has not been easy on it. While I keep it up, here’s a link to pictures and videos of it:

    Most of them were taken on 13 January 2015, but the videos and photo taken while I was driving are from 17 March 2015.

  12. Austin E Lucas says:

    About where the grill is (maybe a bit closer to where Matt stood) is now a tree growing. It’s certainly over 7 feet tall now.

  13. Austin Emerson Lucas says:

    This building no longer exists. It started falling into itself badly in 2016, then a few years later, the whole second floor fell in. They demolished it in 2020, I think. My Father had taken a photograph of it and given it to the store owner, then a man who re-named himself Cash Dollar (and I think he was born around 1937 or 1938, guessing) ended up with the photograph. Cash was in Fryburg, Pennsylvania the last time I saw him, a few years ago.

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