Day 101

A funny little underpass

July 5th, 2010

It runs beneath train tracks, providing access to a school.


  1. scott mac says:

    Must be the heat – I read your caption and hear Joe Pesci from “Goodfellas” “Funny how…Like how am I funny…funny like funny ha ha?”
    Did you see the corrugated art BEFORE you crossed over to the other side?
    Nice example of form and pour concrete construction!

  2. Karen Too says:

    Very thoughtful of someone to plan out that underpass.

    Sounds like you might be over here on the East Coast, too, scott mac. The next few days are going to be brutal, even up here in the lovely mountains. At least where I live the humidity is low, and it cools off at night.

  3. Jeff says:

    Matt, awesome find…cool shot…did you have to duck?? barely a one cart bridge. Good thing your friend did not motify a triplet wide. Like the colors…..We have one in Clifton, Nj..but three people wide…same idea..takes kids from one side of the highway .. under the 4 lane highway and safely to school out of the elements. Safer to be under then on the railroad tracks I think WE all would say.
    Karen too: Having a diet Pepsi on my deck right now and the thermometer reads 98, I walked this morning when cooler….I hope our Montana strolling matt has nicer cooler weather. Stay cool everyone
    Root for the dalmation…..cmon your all thinking it, no??

    • Karen Too says:

      Hi Jeff,

      It’s not that bad yet up here, but it won’t be long. I’m heading out to my porch soon, and might have a beer with my late lunch.

      Even so, I haven’t bothered to install the window air conditioners. I love the fresh air, and just can’t bring myself to put in the A/Cs, shut the windows, etc.

      Dalmatian? What am I missing?

      Love the little flowers growing in the underpass.

    • Flavia says:

      i am from clifton too!!! i know that underpass by the jr high! so cool..

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