Day 117

God’s getting lonely

July 21st, 2010


  1. Christine says:

    Stormy looking sky. Matt, you walk fast!

    Hey I’m the first commenter, yay!

  2. MN Roxanne says:

    And it looks like he serves snacks… good one Matt!

  3. I see they call it “soda” out there. Was wondering that yesterday what they call pop out thata way.

  4. Christine says:

    Good Morning Hobo Nation. According to the GPS red line map (assuming that it is accurate), Matt stayed the night at St. Ann’s Church in Fort Shaw. Well maybe God is not so lonely anymore. Good luck with the day’s walkin.

    • charlie says:

      Christine: how are you following a GPS red line?

      • David says:

        Charlie, when you first bring up the page, there is a map of the US on the right. There should be a red line on it that is tracking his GPS. Double click on the end of the line (several times) to zoom in on the endpoint. I think its only updated on occasion since it doesn’t exactly follow the roads, just connects occasional points.

  5. Craig ( NC!) says:

    Wonder if it’s wind damaged or a target practice?

  6. Candice in Alabama says:

    Sky’s looking stormy – stay dry Matt!

    • Candice in Alabama says:

      P.S. Matt – your are really moving fast – How are you holding out? Hope you are feeling mighty fine. Hang in there! I can hardly believe how much further your “red line” progress has extended past Great Falls, MT.

  7. Jeff says:

    I dont get it….Realy. Probably cause I dont ever see god as being alone. But if I blank that out…can someone draw the picture for me.

    • young says:

      Metaphorically speaking “God’s getting lonely” because it looks as if he’s about to cry aka rain. One tends to get philosophical alone beneath a stormy sky; perhaps this is what Matt meant.

    • paul in tx says:

      “heaven” is framed by the sign which says “stop in”.

      (of course God isn’t really lonely – He doesn’t need anything – He is everywhere – Psalm 139:7,8. but He _does_ send out invitations – Matt 11:28-30, Isaiah 55:7)

      • young says:

        Well, the Bible does seem to indicate throughout that God has at least one need: the need to feel validated. Genesis 22:1-12; Exodus 20:1-3; Acts 16:31…

        • Jim in AR via MN says:

          I think I “get it”…because I do “stop in” throughout the day…we visit and we commiserate…He assures me He is still in control…and I go about my business, unimportant as it may be…only to come back when I need to “stop in” and commiserate again…He assures me He is in control…etc…I’m a slow learner…He…well, He is patient…

        • paul in tx says:

          re: young
          i don’t see a “need” in those passages as much as i see a loving God graciously pointing His creation back to Himself as the ultimate source of true satisfaction.

          “We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.” C.S. Lewis

          • just sayin' says:

            Unless you go by the old testament, or the Koran or the Egyptian book of the Dead or Buddhist belief or the Gospels of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or the Great JuJu of the mountain in Africa or or or….

            You don’t know god through a book; you know god through yourself by reaching true consciousness or rely on pure thought which leads to the logical lack o god conclusion.

            Absolutism via deity or dogmatic religion is dangerously exclusive.

      • Jeff says:

        Yea. Ok…Paul helps me to paint the picture already painted. Got it. THanks. Kind of what I was thinking…

      • Barb V from Michigan says:

        And He does desire our company. He desires to be with us and for us to WANT to hang out with him. I love this word picture. So many sermons could be done on this. Or community coffee shop events. Sometimes it just takes an invitation.

  8. Brent in Big D says:

    Looking at the weather, our man Matt is going to have smooth sailing for the next few days. 70-80 during the day and 50’s at night.

    On another note, checking the terrain view on Google Maps Matt will have some hills to deal with for a while….

    • paul in tx says:

      he’ll soon be in some really beautiful country – i’m looking forward to the pictures

      nothing beats montana in the summer time

  9. Cara says:

    Matt I’m starting to wonder if you are staging some this stuff…it’s brilliant!=)

  10. Shannon says:

    Magical photo!

    • Christine says:

      Shannon, I looked at your blog. I wish you the best of luck and prayers for a full recovery. Your determination is impressive.

    • Don in Tennessee says:


      I too looked at your blog. I am impressed with what you are trying to do with the 100,000 steps and you are over half way now. Congratulations!

      I am sure Matt Hobo Green is an inspiration to you.

      I will pray for you and hope you keep the FAITH!


  11. RAYMOND says:

    matt hang on the end is near, last ime i emailed you you were in wisconsin, i believe in may i think, have been to california on bike since then. stay dry will be watching for the water at west side when you step in it.

  12. Barb V from Michigan says:

    I love this!!

  13. Jeff says:

    Barb V…Once I saw the light (of the picture) I agree….it is all in the frame and picture. It actually could be a “open invitiation”. Should have known….saw god in all those pictures Matt took…with that beem of light giving guidance….and I was having trouble seeing “it” in this picture. Glad I asked for help. Yea many a sermon. But then if a minister were to look at this whole WEBSITE..

  14. Kevin from NC says:

    Great thought provoking photo. I’m glad Matt gets to see so much at his (relatively) slow pace. Were this a car trip, it could have been over about 110 days ago.

  15. Don in Tennessee says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words!

    Awesome Matt!

  16. Now how many of us, walking in our own neighborhoods would look twice at a broken down sign like this? I mean really think about it. We wouldn’t look at it. But on here, we have put much time and effort into it. Go figure.

  17. katzien in austin says:

    It’s a frame of space, negative space, clouds, fill-in-the-blank. It’s up to each person’s own interpretation. Like Dorinda says, it makes you stop for a moment and consider different ideas. Just like everyone’s comments too. I like how something so simple can spark thought and conversation among strangers. ;-)

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