Day 117

Three days too early!

July 21st, 2010


  1. Christine says:

    You should stick around for that. Sounds like fun!

    and again!

  2. MN Roxanne says:

    What do you suppose you do at a Mud Bog?? We’ve already seen what your cart looks like in Mud… I say glad you missed it… just more “weight”….

  3. Christine says:

    Driving big trucks throught the mud! So much fun! Matt hasn’t missed it yet, it’s this weekend! Matt, you should go!!

  4. Yes I say stay too! What happened to rest day?? Stay for this, what’s your hurry. You’ll never be back that way again to experience anything like it and you’ve walked all that way already. You really should stay. You’re not 3 days early you’re just on time to get a good seat!!!

  5. Roe says:

    I agree, looks like fun, sure you can find some great people to spend a night with! Go for it, Matt.

  6. Craig ( NC!) says:

    Mud Mixing Mayhem In Sun River This Weekend

    Published: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 6:52 PM CDT
    The Sun River Fire Department welcomes one and all to a Mud Mixing Mayhem!

    July 24th at 11am the Mud Bogging begins. It is a fundraising event for the Sun River Volunteer Fire Department. Watch for signs at Adams Road in Sun River to lead you to the fun! There will be Mud Bog sleds, quads, street trucks, and full blown alcohol paddle trucks! Concessions, kids area, beer garden, and a fire fighter rodeo! Lots of fun for everyone! Auction, prizes, giveaways, and a Mud Truck Raffle! Yes a Mud Truck will be given away and if you win it, you can race it! Call Andrew at 799-1316 or for more details or to register.

    Admission: Adults – $8; Kids 12 to 18 – $6; 12 and under – FREE. All drivers must call before event with truck info and class. Driver registration is at 8AM, First Runs at 11. Driver Information: Snowmobiles $25; Four Wheelers $35; Street Stock $30; Pro Stock $35; Pro Modification $35; Unlimited / Cut Tires $40; Unlimited Paddle $45. For more information call Andrew at 799-1316. One year ago, The Sun River Fire Department was barely able to operate, and today, through its increased volunteer force and newly obtained equipment, it is almost up to today’s standards. The department received equipment and second-hand items from the surrounding fire departments to help it operate safely. It has more than doubled its force, and now the firefighters are protected in turnouts. The volunteers are training and meeting regularly in a positive atmosphere in order to provide the best service possible. However, it still has many costly needs that must be met in order to provide adequate service to the community. Most importantly, the department needs a truck, obtained either by receiving one second-hand, or by creating a purchasing plan to buy a quality used one.

    • Gigi says:

      Thanks Craig, sounds like fun. Stay and join in the fun Matt. Who knows you will win the Mud Truck. And there’s a beer garden …

    • Thanks Craig.

      Hey folks, maybe some of us on here could donate something to this worthy cause?? After all we need to support our firemen wherever they are. And I’m sure every little bit helps. What say any of you? There is an link here to use. Doesn’t hurt to ask. Thanks.

      • Jessica from MT says:

        Oh wow my little hometown is slightly famous! The mud bog is definitely for a good cause, the fire dept in Sun River is soooo underfunded. Check out this link, it was in the Great Falls Tribune today and sort of elaborates on how much the dept does need help:

        • Thanks Jessica from MT. That’s an awesome article and hope it helps the town and fire dept. I emailed the link above(Craig in NC link) and Andrew told me there isn’t any type of donation link set up online yet but if we wanted to donate we could mail checks to:

          Sun River Fire Dept
          PO Box 41
          Sun River, MT 59483

          Hope your dept. out there is able to reach out to others who may be willing to donate time and materials to build that fire house they so desperately need. Good luck to everyone there!

  7. Jeff says:

    Matt as said before you have had your Mudd and Your buggs…..move on….there is a catholic church awaiting your arrival.

    • Aw Jeff, come on have some fun, play in the mud. Sounds like fun to me to watch. Course I like county fairs and such. They are so much fun. And Matt wouldn’t be the one IN the mud someone else would be. And then he can go to church.

  8. katzien in austin says:

    Female mud wrestling…now THAT would raise some fun….I mean ‘funds.’ teehee

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