Day 120

The perfect getaway

July 24th, 2010

for you and your internet pet


  1. Jeff says:

    Internet Pets…how cute….bet my girls are gonna want a cupple of them. Better by them before christmas.
    do they come with cable tv too.

  2. Flavia says:

    i can bring all the webkinz!!!

  3. Yeosaph Ferguson says:

    From the look of that fence Bambi and his elk are not ok.

  4. Craig ( NC!) says:

    hehehehe internet pets rock!

  5. deanna valenti meyer says:

    I looked at the sign rather quickly (more noticing the internet pets line) and thought it said “Lepers Motel”. I tilted my head in thought for a second, then re-read the sign. “Ahhhh….pronoun trouble.”

  6. So is this where you’ll be spending your weekend? With your internet pet? At the bottom it says they have a spa and sauna. Nice and relaxing after a long day of walking. And the fencing, is it to keep the animals in or out?

    • Candice in Alabama says:

      Dorinda- you are reading my mind! I saw that HIGH fence and I thought “is that to keep the internet PETS” inside! :) Better to keep the unwanted animals OUTSIDE, I imagine!

  7. Dan says:

    I think the fence is to keep out the Leepers.

  8. Kevin from NC says:

    I hope they check the internet pets for viruses though.

  9. Don in Tennessee says:


    Is this a wired or wireless mouse?

    No not a METH MOUSE? How disgusting.

  10. tim says:

    My dog Freddie might just qualify.

  11. Thomas says:

    Hey, on the internet nobody knows you’re a dog or a cat.

  12. Dennis in So Cal says:

    My dogs don’t even know how to turn on a PC, they are way behind the curve.

  13. Janine says:

    I boycott motels that don’t accept internet pets, just on principal.

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