Day 126

Pencil Car is not shy about its opinions

July 31st, 2010


  1. deanna valenti meyer says:

    Can you imagine riding about town with that thing hanging over you? No way.

  2. …or entirely street legal.

  3. Karen Too says:

    Well, you don’t see that every day!

  4. J e f f says:

    straight and to the POINT. No??

  5. Roe says:

    I love it! Somebody was thinking. Ha ha J E F F! Better than the pizza signs!

  6. jay MN says:

    He’s missing a hub cap.. So wonder if he has a thinking cap? hehe

  7. Donna says:

    I WANT that pencil when election is over!!!!!

  8. Candice in Alabama says:

    I guess once your write him in – you can’t erase it! No eraser!

    Oh wow – look at this:

    I was looking for a picture of a big pencil sculpture being moved out of a building, I’ve seen before, and I found the above! Hah! making sculpture out of little pencils! Amazing.

  9. John says:

    Substitute an a for the e in Olfert? But then maybe he isn’t that old?

  10. Don in Tennessee says:

    This RON OLFERT is one sharp guy and gets to the point! With this cleverness, I am sure he is in the LEAD by at least a NO. 2 for the commiss1oner’s race!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Hey Don, how about that Governors race of yours down there in TN? Saw the R. guy on a show the other night and he looked drunk as a skunk trying to talk. Guys name was Basil something can’t remember the last name.

      • Don in Tennessee says:


        The Basil (whoever) is not a contender. He probably will not get over 1,000 votes. It will be down to Bill Haslam (family owns Pilot Oil-8th largest privately held corp. in US), or Zack Wamp or Ron Ramsey. Haslam has funds to buy psotion but we will see this week.

        • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

          Thank goodness! A clip of him was shown on this show called “The Soup” on E! network Friday night and we laughed our butts off at it. I thought of you right away because you’re from TN. This guy was trying his hardest to give a campaign shot for something and he looked, acted and sounded drunk to me. I couldn’t believe this guy was going to be up for Governor. Glad to hear he’s not. Or not really in the race so to speak.

  11. Don in Tennessee says:

    OH- and notice Ron was clever enough to leave the eraser off the pencil, so if you change your mind and do not want to vote for him as a write-in candidate that you can’t erase your vote.

    Hey Ron, I want to vote fro someone else. Can I borrow your white out?

  12. Yeosaph Ferguson says:

    Jeez, I’d hate to be the guy in front of him it we had to brake suddenly. Imagine the damage that pencil could do if it ever went airborne.

  13. phyllis from mississippi says:

    great effects!

  14. Candice in Alabama says:

    You know – I’m NOW just noticing the paint job on the car, DEEP PURPLE?

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