Day 103

Chick tract!

April 11th, 2012

We haven't come across one of these since Pennsylvania.


  1. jeremy says:

    haha! i’ll leave the same exact comment that I left when you saw one in Pennsylvania on your walk across the USA:

    Jeremy says:
    April 10, 2010 at 12:20 am
    Jack Chick is a true American oddity. He’s perhaps the most published cartoonist/comic stripper in history (more than Charles Schulz with Peanuts), he’s apparently some sort of billionaire, has a publishing factory near los angeles with like 50 employees, and he’s never been seen or photographed. There’s only grainy photos of him from high school yearbooks.

  2. alphonsegaston says:

    I bought a whole pack of this filth at a “Christian” bookstore years ago. The clerk said, “don’t you just love these?”

    Well, no. But they are fascinating. One of them demonizes Jehovah’s Witnesses, and once when a Witness at my door attacked my church, Presbyterian, for considering the issue of gays, I thought of running into the house to get it for him, in exchange for his pamphlets.

    Jack Chick would make a great subject for an investigative reporter.

  3. doug says:

    Someone used to leave these in the stalls in the toilets at the plant I worked in-a clever scheme, because you invariably read it as you sat there.

  4. Anna One says:

    Going to the Pennsylvania link for these and seeing the photos on the right side made me nostalgic for your/our trip across US. It was truly awesome. And I enjoy learning about NY every day. Is it possible when you’re titling the photos that you could put a small q, bx, b, m, or s at end so we would know where you were?

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