Day 21

Another Chick tract!

April 16th, 2010

A couple let me hang out on their covered porch for a bit this afternoon during a downpour. They brought me a chair to sit in, a bottle of water, and a copy of "This Was Your Life!" The husband was very geographically knowledgable and talked to me for a while about my walk, and then dove headfirst into a lengthy and awkwardly phrased monologue about accepting Jesus as my savior.


  1. George Broze says:

    Had to happen. Happened to me once when a dentist had a drill in my mouth. “Captive witness.”

  2. Danna says:

    captive witness with a drill pointed at his head…

  3. Christopher says:

    Ha! Little does he know that this website will later be held hostage by midwestern Bible thumpers.

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