Day 221

Trying to take it all in one last time

August 7th, 2012

Arpan snaps a photo of the gorgeous sky on his final trip around the block (they're not running until midnight tonight; the race will be over as soon as Vasu finishes 5000 kilometers).

Having spent 52 days in a row out here, running around and around and around, from 6 AM to midnight, Arpan told me he can barely even remember what life was like before the race started. He hasn't had to think about work (he's a carpenter); he hasn't even had to prepare a meal for himself in all that time. His one and only job was to keep going around the block. No matter the weather, and no matter the pain, he kept circling. That was his sole focus — his identity — for almost two months.

And this is his last lap.

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