Day 401

Ozone Park’s own Worksman Cycles

February 3rd, 2013

Founded in 1898, Worksman is America's oldest existing bicycle manufacturer.


  1. Steve says:

    An acquaintance of mine had one of these trikes. She attempted to make a business out of peddling bagels on the suburban streets of Missoula, MT. “Bagels! Habadda bagel?!”. It was a flop, naturally.

  2. doug says:

    I worked in a factory that was almost a mile long-there were hundreds of Worksman bikes and trikes in there-we Tradesmen rode from job to job on them with our tool bags in the baskets. i had a Tinsmith make a special box for the front with a locking lid, so I could leave my tools on the bike all the time. About the time i retired, someone had an accident on the oily floor, and the company banned bike use,and told everyone they could either take their bike home,or it would be scrapped out-I have a very nice Worksman here at home now. Great bikes!

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