Day 410


February 12th, 2013

From a 1986 New York Magazine article (be sure to notice the ad featuring Leona Hemsley — one of four on consecutive odd-numbered pages in the issue) about places in the city to take large groups of children for birthday parties and the like:

From behind a glass partition in the Country Delite Milk Plant Store near 230th Street and Broadway in the Bronx, children can watch milk being pumped through pipes into stainless-steel vats, sent from a filtering system to a clarifier and then to a homogenizer, and, finally, poured into plastic containers. Children can spend anywhere from five minutes to half an hour here, and the manager, Mr. Kleinman, is particularly friendly and eager to answer questions.


  1. Karin says:

    Imagine telling your little child…”Come on sweetie, we are going to the Milk Plant Store”! Huh? “But my teacher told us milk comes from cows”! No wonder little kids grow up confused! :-)

  2. susan says:

    This place shouldve been closed down a long time ago! I worked here , so i know the real milk plant! The workers are treated like horses, no breaks, no pay raises! They change the dates in rhe milks, juices, yogurts when they are getting close to expiration, and then have the nerve to give customers a hard time when they return the sour item!
    Terriable place……sneaky owners!

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