Day 1020

A rare 2014 fig

October 15th, 2014

This is only the second ripe fig I've found this year! If this were one of the previous two years, I'd have eaten a million of them by now, but this year's crop is pretty puny. It seems that the harshness of the preceding winter is to blame. A few months ago, lots of people were fretting that their trees had died, but I think in many cases the trees simply didn't start producing leaves and figs until much later in the year than normal. I'm seeing a good number of figs growing at this point; it's just that most of them are not even close to ripe, and I can't imagine they're going to get there before the weather turns cold again.


  1. BJL says:

    I share your pain. My mother lives on the opposite side of the country & despite all the poking & prodding I do to the fruit on her bountiful fig tree, the figs are never soft or ripe enough when I’m there. My own fig tree does not fruit & is being pulled out soon. Sigh.

  2. Joyce says:


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