Day 63

Stacy and Gabe

May 28th, 2010

They spotted me walking up a big hill. I was anxious to make some progress and didn't want to stop for an interview, so they walked/ran along beside me talking with me and getting some footage. Athletic, tenacious reporters: I was impressed!


  1. Kevin says:

    And snazzy dressers! I always assume anchors just wore boxers and house slippers from the waist down since no one can see it anyway

  2. Barbara Kiviat says:

    Anyone know if there’s a link to see their report?

  3. Dionne says:

    for the link to the news story try wxow or type lacrosse tv 19. lacrosse wisconsin

  4. Jenypher O. says:

    As much as I’m trying not to compare you to Forrest Gump, I can’t help but get the image of him running while the guy with the T-shirt is running to keep up with him.

  5. Doug Gray says:

    Hehe-they wouldn’t be news anchors-those are the good folks (reporters) working out in the field-the investigative reporters-

  6. GardenStater says:

    I just found this website today, and spent about four hours when I should have been working catching up on your travels.

    And I must say, you have met some very fine-looking women on your travels.

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