Day 103


July 7th, 2010


  1. Lori says:


  2. Carolyn says:

    What a beautiful flower! I hope it made you smile.

    • Gigi says:

      This pic made ME smile :-)

      Thank you Matt, hope it made YOU smile, too, as Carolyn said above. Keep on walking. Stay safe.

  3. John in Redford says:

    Just a note of concern from a Dad inquiring about your planning for much longer distances between potable water and munches (maybe) – we did a short 10 day trek through the Southern Rockies in 1988 and carried a gallon above our daily requirement? I’m just wondering about your projections? Stay well and remember SISU!

    • Dad says:

      He’s been checking on where he can refill in advance – carrying enough water, plus some, to get him there. He also keeps iodide tablets with him so he can filter and purify water if for some reason he ends up needing more.
      I appreciate the concern from another dad. He planned in detail for the trip and hopefully didn’t milss anything.

      • Jennifer in KY says:

        Good to know he has a plan B. After seeing so many pics of uninhabited spaces, was concerned for his food/water supply.

      • Candice in Alabama says:

        Dad – I am so impressed by Matt’s planning. I cannot get over the logistics of planning such a long trip. Matt’s trip really makes me want to get out and explore MY area on foot, but even for a short walking trip (especially at my age and unfortunately perhaps the safety issues I would face being a female) seem a bit overwhelming. Matt does inspire me though. Perhaps I’ll walk to the local grocery and or strip mall someday. :)

      • Dennis in So Cal says:

        That’s comforting to know. I too have a son close to Matt’s age and I’m worried about the next stage of his journey. Montana is so sparse. It’s good to know that there are so many good people along the way willing to help him.

  4. Karen Too says:

    Beautiful. Is that a Gaillardia Grandiflora, or Blanket Flower?

  5. Now THAT is one beautiful flower!! Mom, what kind is it?

  6. MN Roxanne says:

    I love all the shades of red/pink that make this a spectacular flower- thanks for sharing!!

  7. Yeosaph Ferguson says:

    I fear Matt has been on the plains too long. From this last series of photos I ‘d say he is tripping out. The same thing happened to me – a sort of sensory deprivation – from seeing too many plains and sky and not much else. Matt snap out of it!

  8. Julie says:

    Beautiful!!!! 8) If this is along the way (in the middle of nowhere) it probably came from someones yard via a seed that blew far away in the wind – and started a whole new plant…LOVE IT ;-)

  9. jojo says:

    I was in bed but realized I didn’t get my daily dose of your trip it’s 2:32 CA time, thanks for sharing sweet pictures today, I was glad your still able to post.

  10. Jeff says:

    Nice flower looks to be like a Gaillardia..but the center of it reminds me of a tropical. The Monatan tropics. thats funny. Pretty flower….question..did Matt find it ala toy slayer or did he pick it. I don’t think he would have picked it…just thinking to myself

  11. Mom says:

    At first glance, I would say gaillardia, too, especially because of the color combination. The smooth tips of the petals , however, look more like a sunflower, maybe one of the fancy miniature varieties.

  12. Saun in Ohio says:

    love the flower….

  13. Candice in Alabama says:

    Beautiful – must save to desktop – Hope you are doing well, Matt – thanks again for sharing your journey!

  14. Candice in Alabama says:

    After exploring the weather tower web site (wow – such low humidity in JULY – I’m envious!)- here’s some cameras – I wonder if Matt could possibly be “captured” on one of them? If not – there’s some alternate views of Montana landscape.

  15. Glenda says:

    He’ll be able to find water about ever 30 miles still – he’s got the bar at Brockway (13 miles), and a rest stop and a couple homes where HWY20 and HWY200 meet, and then Jordan anther 30 miles for food as well, Sands Springs (little gas station/store and the Post Office), anthor rest stop between Jordan and Winnett, and Grassrange – then places will be some what closer together – not quite as desolate – althoug I like the wide open spaces with no civilization for miles.

    • Jeff says:

      Glenda – you rock. Realy. You give detail to what we are all looking at and imagining. I think that is why everyone wants a book…to know more details. Thanks for your detailed post…and all the people from Montana…you have realy shown interest and knowledge and help. Peace and Best Regards!!!

      • Christine says:

        I want a book because even though I tell so many folks about this website, I know they’re not following. I would love to show my mom, she would love it. She’s not on the web. This is only my second post, but I have been following everyday since it came out on Yahoo. I am especially interested in this area. I worked on a pipeline survey doing archaeology in 1996 and stayed for a while in Denton, just NW of Lewiston (Lewiston is on his route) that is on his route. I have the best pics from this area. I stayed for a month in Denton, po.250 at the time. I love reading everyone’s posts as well. Walk on Matt.

        • Jeff says:

          Christine: to post or not to post…that is the question. Only kidding…Just a welcome from me – and I assume the others out here too. Peace, Happy friday and input where you have insight…..cause, to me, it is all about learning..and friendship.

        • Don in Tennessee says:


          Did you discover any archeaology finds while in Denton. I assume this is really a neat thing to do. As Jeff says, PIPE IN (no pun intended) when you you wish. I love to see everyones comments.

          • Christine says:

            Thanks for the welcome, Jeff. Don, yes we did. It was a bison kill site. The hills were very much like those you see in the pics Matt has uploaded. It was an area where bison were corralled inbetween two hills down towards muddy water and ambushed and slaughtered. plenty of points (arrowheads), firepits, bones and slaughtering blades and spent tools. The points were of the archaic period, so were most likely at least 5,000 years old. You can find sites everywhere, but we are hired to deal with the sites that are in danger’s way.

            There was a prairie dog colony living on the hill we were excavating. They were so funny. They got used to us, and then we had to move in to take over their habitat. They just kept moving over and never stopped being amused. We watched them dig new burroughs.

            Best wishes to Matt on this leg of the trip.

  16. katzien in austin says:

    Looks like the Indian Paintbrushes we have down here. Stunning!

  17. Dennis in So Cal says:

    It looks like Gaillardia pulchella. It’s the state flower of Oklahoma and common to the prairies all the way up to southern Canada.

  18. Sarah says:

    Matt, I’ve never been to Minnesota, North Dakota or Montana. I wanted to say thanks for posting all these great pictures and allowing me to live vicariously through you as you visit these beautiful states and meet so many nice people. Thank you for the experience!

    • Jeff says:

      Vicariously!! there it is again. I went fourty some years never hearing that word….and Matt has brought it out there in multiples. I get it.

  19. Mindy says:

    I love this pic-it’s absolutely beautiful!!!! I wish my flowerbed (or where one could be) was full of these!

    I love all of the beautiful pictures you have shared with us. Every day coming to this website is what brightens an otherwise crappy work day. Of course, it also depresses me because I wish I was right there with you instead of sitting in here!!! Thank you for the daily escape!!!

    • katzien in austin says:

      Right on Mindy….I’ll second that. Mat t and I have coffee and catch up each morning. Best part of my workday.

  20. Don in Tennessee says:


    I love this flower photo!.

    Since Matt will be in Montana a few more weeks here is a website with facts about Montana. The state nickname is THE TREASURE STATE- from the photos so far I would say this is CORRECT! The state is the 4th largest state in land mass and it has a population of somewhere over 900,000 people.

    Here is the website:

    Check out some of this info!

    Matt – Stay safe and keep plenty of H20.

  21. Michiogan Walkabout John says:

    You go, man!
    Well done!
    You are way ahead of schedule. It does not appear that you stopped much for rest days.
    Stay hydrated, and be careful!
    Happy walking!

  22. Roe says:

    Hope you go the Skalkaho Pass in MT on your way through, that is beautiful!

  23. Jessie says:

    I agree with Sarah: following Matt on his journey through his photos gives me a chance to “travel” the states too–something I’ve been itchin’ to do ever since my first real trip two years ago to (of all places) Montana on my honeymoon. Have had the travel bug ever since but have not had the means to go. I look forward to his new posts every day–great photos and great comments by all his loyal “followers.” Does he realize he not only travels for himself, but for a whole lot of others out there as well? Best wishes to him and great job to his friends and family for keeping this site going! Thanks! :)

  24. Jessie says:

    By the way, LOVE this picture–really captures the essence of his walk: beauty, simplicity and unexpected pleasures!

  25. Sharon P says:

    Another pretty flower! Nice to know the prairie flowers are up there too.

  26. Stephen says:

    Since Matt seems to be out of touch due to the remoteness of this section of his walk, I checked and saw that he was on his way to a small town called Jordan. I came across this travel site (for motorcyclists) with a great travelogue of the same road that Matt is on. Check out the story of the famous bar in Jordan and other places along this isolated route (pix aren’t as good as Matt’s though). Here’s the link to what the author called “The Road to the MIddle of Nowhere”:

    • Mike in Phoenix, AZ says:

      Thanks much for the link Stephen. Quite the eye opener for this ol’ cycle jockey. When i rode MT it was from Sturgis, SD to Miles City, MT then west on the interstate headed for West Yellowstone and back to Phoenix, AZ.

      So many roads – so little time.

  27. Nick in Ohio says:

    I’m having withdrawal pains.. Someone have a cure?

  28. Joel H says:

    Must be in the middle of no where if we aren’t getting updates. Hope all is well and he finds a signal sometime soon.

    • Barbara Kiviat says:

      Matt was thinking that he might get a signal once he’s to Jordan—maybe Saturday night or Sunday.

      • Not until Saturday NIGHT? or SUNDAY ????? What am I going to do until THEN???? I’m not a reader, short attention span. Oh my oh my. I’ll have to check in here with Dr. Jeff and the rest for a “quick fix” cure until Matt is back with more pics.

      • Glenda says:

        actually he will have intermitten signal – mostly on the tops of them thar hills he’s a treking over – but not strong enough to post with. Signal strength should be good in J-Town as I’ve called from there on my verizion phone before- and again spotty at best (best bets on tops of hills) again till Lewistown.

  29. Jeff says:

    Dr. Jeff here .. When matt returns we will have two days of updates. So get your typing fingers ready to comment.
    Rest your weary fingers in cool water, girls go get a Manacure..Relax…Don’s remedy is Yuengling. I might have a Sangria…but after hours. Wishing Matt well…during the “lonely” spaces.

    • Dr. Jeff,
      I seem to be having this feeling of withdrawal from my daily dose of Matt Green posts and pics. What should I do? I don’t drink any type of alcoholic beverages of any kind so really I have nothing to dull the pain of the loss. Should I go bang my head against a wall until it bleeds? What do you think?

      Longingly awaiting Matt’s post returns,
      Dorinda from Mentor, OH.

      • Jeff says:

        Mentor or De-mented….???

        Drinking – not so good. That’s why the limit of two. Banging heads..that’s for kids and Metal rockers.
        You need to get some sweet tea and get outside (if it’s cool) and smell the air, look at the sky and feel the energy of the walk. That should do too. Your funny. I’ll send you a email from walkingpool…later.

        • De-mented half the time I say.
          I don’t like tea either, hate the stuff. It is finally raining here today, nice relief. Sending some your way Jeff hope it helps cool you off too.
          I was out part of the day is why it took me so long today to check the site and really expected to find new photo’s. Bummer. Guess I gotta go suck up some more fresh air, especially after this nice rain.
          Thanks Jeff, you’re pretty funny yourself.
          need that email post again as I don’t think I actually sent you a date yet. Thanks.

          • Jeff says:

            You didn’t… but I don’t hold a grudge.

            I got a few multiple date one’s to. Funny this whole thing. Rain due here tomorrow. Love this time of year.
            The fresh smell of rain. ahhh..15 minutes to quiting time.

            • Craig ( NC!) says:

              Jeff I sent you an email with 3 dates that me, the ol’lady and the baby decided on… I am sticking with sept 8th my B-Day!

              • Jeff says:

                Brother I got ya marked down for sure. You were the first with multiple dates and I was laughing . You should have gotten my email about that by now. your befoe my date…and you might make it.

                Have you seen a picture of Matt on any milk cartons yet? I am sure he will show up soon.
                Karen too has the best date…..and time…..can I tell them Karen, CAN I???

              • Karen Too says:

                Sure Jeff, you can tell them.

    • Karen Too says:

      Pardon me, Dr. Jeff, but my choice of relaxation is cold beer, usually a Molson’s, though I like Yuengling, too. (Lots of places around here have it, and seasonal Samuel Adams beers, on tap. Mmmmm….)

      Dorinda, we’re working on setting up a group therapy session for Matt withdrawal. Don suggested a reunion at Beaver Creek Brewing, and I’m thinking that would be a great place for a therapy session, even for those who don’t drink beer.

      • Jeff says:

        Hay Karen, Email don..would ya?!!?

        Missed ya today. I am sitting on my cooler deck having a MGD 64. 1/2 frozen. Rotinni and meatballs for dinner with “SAUCE” no gravy in this house. No Matt yet…..hmmm I had a good idea..I hope you don’t think it is corney…I thought we could all sing a lil’ song…..I’ll start…..

        One hundred bottles of Yuengling on the wall, a hundred bottles of beer take one down and pass it along……….

      • Laurenis says:

        LOL I love it! I can facilitate ;)

  30. Pat in CA says:

    Out of sight, but not out of mind. Looking forward to catching up soon.

  31. Jim in AR via MN says:

    During this “down time”…get yourself a good book…about what???…Montana don’tcha know…(a little MN slang in there)…how about a trilogy of books by Ivan Doig…great books…by a great Montana author…all about the “Two Medicine Country”…Matt will be there soon…at the foot of the Rockies…near Glacier…1. “Dancing at the Rascal Fair…2. “English Creek”…3. Ride With Me, Mariah Montana”…books about the same family over from 1880’s until the Montana Centennial in 1989 (remember the “Matt’s” barn???)…

    These will “grab you”…and will keep you until the end…great stories…wonderful characters…and will ready you for the “Two Medicine Country”…start with “Dancing at the Rascal Fair” and that will take you to the rest….you will enjoy the trip more…I put more on my blog last night…

    • Barb C. says:

      Jim in Ar vis Mn. Thanks for the Mn slang: I had to chuckle. Will be up in Mn. in twelve (12) days. can’t wait.

      • Jeff says:

        YOUR grandkids await!!! Remember to check in….there will be attendance taken.

        • Barb C. says:

          Yes Sir!!! I sure will.

        • Patty says:

          Attendance??? You’re taking attendance now??? Jeesh…nobody told me…how do I prove I’ve been a loyal viewer since day 17???? ; )

          • Jeff says:

            I will take your word! You must have had insider information. Most of us came along what day 50 or so. End of May for sure…we worked our way back and forward.

            I have attendance. With a name that starts in V you always wait to the end…..

            • Patty says:

              LOL! Naaa…no insider info – matt and his trek popped up on google when I was searching for info that contained the word “walkin'” – I’ve been hooked ever since!

              The bane of being at the end of the alphabet isn’t so bad – try being at the FRONT of the alaphbet – you ALWAYS end up sitting in the front of the class…and under the close scrutiny of the instructor as a result…hehehe

              • Jeff says:

                lol. yea the a’s in the front the xyz’s in the back. Catholic schools, I remember this well.

  32. Steve in WI says:

    I just wanted to thank all of you in the HOBO Nation for the posts, it makes for some very interesting reading. This is the first time for me to comment on here although I have been following Matt’s walk for some time now. It is really nice to be able to journey with Matt and to view this great nation thru the eyes and pictures of our great walking Hobo. Travel safe Matt and we are all awaiting your latest updates.

  33. Jeff says:

    Hay Candice. I did that earlier…then I went to the blog for the guys from Jersey walking from Sandiego…for comparison. Are we all pacing back and forth like a scene out of I love Lucy – not that I am old enough to know about that show…………..

  34. Donna in MI says:

    To help ease your withdrawal pains, take a trip with Matt thru the 5 boroughs of NYC. Some great pics of NYC. He walked 150 miles in 5 days. oowwww! his sore, blistered feet must have hurt sooo bad! Click on “Our Trips”. NYC Trek 2007. Photos.

  35. Glenda says:

    and what’s cool about all the states he coverd and will cover – go north or south of where he walked and the scenery would be completely different. What a great country we live in.

    • Donna in MI says:

      Glenda, You are so r i g h t! I’ll bet if you go a few hundred miles north or south of his walk, the pics we would see would be totally different!

  36. walkasaurus says:

    Hi matt – I’m sick at home. I’ve been feeling ill since Jan and bummed that it’s hard to leave the house much. Your walking adventures and photos have cheered me up immensely.

    So good for NYers to see the rest of the country, at least once. Managed a six week road trip across country years ago that keeps me going sometimes when I get sick of the big city.

    KEEP WALKING! I’m living vicariously through you!

    • Donna in MI says:

      Hay Matt,
      We are all living vicariously thru you. Doesn’t that give you a GREAT feeling?! Your pics mean so much to all. You have so many invisible followers behind you every step of the way who are rooting for you. We miss your pics when you are in ‘no mans land’ alone with mother nature and the B I G S K Y! Keep sending those pics because we need our daily fix and go into withdrawal pains without them.

      • Donna in MI says:

        Verizon, Can you hear me now? Matt needs help!! Verizon, can you hear me now??

        • Jeff says:

          Big Sky … Verizon it is a big sky…you should be able to spread your signal all over…..I’ve seen your commercials where is the beef….I mean coverage…..Matt…Can you hear us….updates and status please.

      • Donna have you tried banging your head against the wall for the withdrawal? I asked Jeff earlier, Dr. Jeff that is, if I should do that for mine and he said it wasn’t a good idea. I was just wondering what others methods might be? Some have suggested reading other materials but I’m not a reader. Some have gone back and read through past comments, photo’s and video’s. Good luck with your withdrawal. Please keep checking in with us and let us know how you’re doing.

  37. scott mac says:

    I note the similarity to “behind the moon and out of radio contact” during the manned space flights of almost a half century ago. Back when a “cell phone” had a dial and was set in a concrete wall in Folsom or Alcatraz.
    People around the world kept an ear tuned to their radio…..waiting to hear from the travelers.
    Any day now we’ll be hearing”That’s been a lot of small steps for a man, one giant leap for Matt Green”
    (paraphraseing Neil Armsrong)

  38. Jeff says:

    Yup Matt is behind the moon so to speak. He has his tracker for his loved ones and parents…that is what is important…us extended family, If I may, will just need to be patient. Scrabble anyone???

  39. Kheavner says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’ve been following your progress since western Penn. Love logging on each day to see the pictures and reading the comments! Keep walking and enjoy every minute of it! My hubby, son, and I have been to all 48 continental states by plane or car but each trip was packed with as much as we could cram in. Nice to see some of them from the “slow lane”. Maybe you can rest a few weeks in Oregon, head south through California and then east to the Atlantic and back north- make it a full circle! Keep up the humor and great photography! Praying for your safety!

  40. Lisa in Goldsboro NC says:

    Hi to everyone,

    I have been following Matt’s journey since New Jersey. His uncle (Bill Leslie) is an anchor on our local news channel WRAL in Raleigh NC. He posted a link on their website way back when to let local folks know about Matt’s trip. Anyway, I have also enjoyed all the pics as well,……but I am enjoying the banter back and forth between all you people as well! Some of you are hilarious!!!! I always wanted to see what Montana looked like and now I am having that chance :) I am praying for you at night Matt. I have a son that is very close to your age and I have that mommy feeling towards you. Take Care!!!!!

    • Barb C. says:

      Welcome Lisa in Goldsboro Nc. I guess you must think we are a bunch a crazies, and we probably are, but we are harmless and very very lovable. Also we have all grown fond of Matt and his pictures. He has shown us things that we would never see if we were driving.He is a really neat person.

      • Jeff says:

        Welcome Lisa in Goldsboro! Join the pack, hobo nation…what ever we are calling ourselves right now.
        I always wonder how many lookers there are on the sight as opposed to posters. One big happy family no matter.
        Peace and see ya around?!

        • Karen Too says:

          Hi Lisa. Like Barb C. said, we might seem crazy, but we’re harmless, etc.

          Jeff, I like “Hobo Nation.”

  41. Donna in MI says:

    Suggest we email/call Verizon and ask them to get one of their portable cell towers out there on Hwy. 200 in Montana to keep track of Matt. He is in ‘no mans land’. Verizon claims they have coverage all over. What happened? No coverage on Hwy. 200 in Montana? VERIZON, can you hear us now??? Verizon, where are you?? Verizon, we can’t hear you!! Matt can’t hear you!! Can you hear us NOW?!

    • mojinator says:

      that’s a good idea… but it would be better if someone from that area would make the request or something…

      • Glenda says:

        too hilly verizion would have to put them up all over and get permission from landowners as well as MidRiver’s i believe. There is a tower on Sheep Mtn. just a few miles from my folks and although they live on a hign nob as well the service doesn’t reach. Now Dad has AT&T and he gets reception at the house we’re I only do (I’ve got Verizion) if i sit by a paticular window and the sky is cloudy, or drive a mile and sit on top of another hill.

        • Jeff says:

          glenda, peace – and appreciate your insight. Will you dad see matt a coming or has matt passed that point.

          • Glenda says:

            My folks are about 30 south of Circle in no man’s land so he’s done passed them. they do most of thier business in Miles City home of the world famous Bucking Horse Sale. I’ll be traveling part of his route this week, but he won’t quite be far enough to catch up to. I’ll be looking for him as he gets closer to my area.

            • Jeff says:

              Eye Eya Glenda…..give him a hug, a handshake, a kiss…..and let him all know we are out here….not just voices in his head. Peace and a wonderful Saturday to you

  42. mojinator says:


  43. carolyn says:

    Matt, you are so missed. You have touched so many lives here and we all look forward to your daily updates. Happy Trails!

  44. Tom from Montana says:

    Matt is at the mercy of Mid-River Telephone Cooperative, the only wireless provider who owns all the cell towers in the area until Matt is near the Lewistown area. Verizon ‘piggybacks’ their service on the Mid-River’s system.

    • Glenda says:

      Verizion does have one on Sheep Mtn. but it won’t help him – your so right. But after moving from wyoming where the put up a tower in a hole (you down it to town from all three sides) – and then think that the tower is gonna reach subscribers with 30 miles its ridiculous. – Good ole’ Midriver’s Co-op Covering 21 counties in Mt and 3 in ND. (

  45. Don in Tennessee says:

    I guess I got carried away with the play on words. I saw this festival and I had never heard of any such thing. Now I find they have several of these in various parts og MT!

    If I offended anyone, please accept my apology!

    • Candice in Alabama says:

      Didn’t quite understand what you were apologizing for there, Don, but after hitting the “testyfesty” site – I can only assume it was for that?!?!?! THAT is a funny play on words – but I’m not sure I’ll be going to one of those – at least not on purpose. :)

      • Paul From Bozeman says:

        I’ve only lived in MT one year but quickly learned that eating “Rocky Mountain Oysters” is great fun for some locals … testy festy … oh my! A “testy festy” is high culture for some … bless ’em!

    • Karen Too says:

      No offense taken, Don. I thought it was funny. At first, I thought the name was about some club that fancied mountain oysters, and then I Googled it, went to the site. Hilarious, but also not for me.

  46. Charlie says:

    gee, did anyone find it interesting that the calendar (up there on the right) is monday thru sunday?

  47. Jeff says:

    Good Morning walkers!!! Has anyone had there Walk today? Bet matt is still resting…I liked the Portable Cell tower post above somewhere….. This may be the first day the posts outnumber the day…..

  48. Gigi says:

    Two days now without posts :( … but I’m glad this was Matt’s last photo. I still smile each time I open the site and see this pretty flower.

    Hope today Matt reaches some place where there’s a signal for his phone and update the hobo nation. Happy weekend to all! Keep on walking Matt, stay safe.

  49. Jim in AR via MN says:

    Just passing the time…as Matt entered MT (and me, not looking ahead)…I thought he was going to (sort of) follow the interstate…toward Billings, etc…I understand (now) that it would have added many miles…but I would have liked him to react to “The Rims”…that follow the Yellowstone River…what, sometimes 80 feet tall…wonderful walls of rock…that trip is so beautiful…the cottonwoods and aspen along the Yellowstone River…a “green” strip that stands out from all surrounding vistas…and you can see sooooo far along that valley…someday that would be a trip for “us”…

    I dream though…I see myself there so often (in my mind) it is beautiful…standing on top of “The Rims” looking out for miles, seeing prairie, yes, but also the Bear Tooth Mountains, etc…hope some of you have seen it…Matt would have “made hay” out of that trip…but I have to admit….he is doing just fine on his own!!!…

  50. Lisa in Goldsboro NC says:

    Good morning to all, thanks for welcoming me and letting me squeeze in on the fun. You know, I was thinking that maybe alot of us on here have this thing in common about wanderlust. You know you are somewhere being responsible in life, job, kids, family etc……and then your heart is longing to be somewhere else……like Matt. I always tell myself that Dorothy found out that there was no place like home. But it is nice to dream once in a while. Miss you Matt. Check back later.

    • Jeff says:

      I am guilty of the crime myself Lisa. You know hindsight…could have done that some years ago….but the job, the kids the house….then insert Matt’s walk, the word “vicarious”, and then the miracle of meeting friends (while breaking the rule…”don’t talk to strangers”.

      When Oregon hits it will be sad. But like the Miracle on the Hudson…would it not be so cool as to get all the hobo’s together and meet up somewhere someplace sometime and just reminice…..oh well….back to Saturday’s chores. See yal on the otherside if more posts show up.

      Oh .. I found out from the nutley boy’s sight that similiary (and hinted above) in the western states with low or now cell towers it takes a while for uploads to happen even when a signal is reached.

  51. Paul From Bozeman says:

    These posts are terrific … and what are we all going to do to celebrate Matt’s arrival at the Pacific? I’d like to travel there and meet him. You folks? Let’s plan something! This can’t go un-celebrated!!

    I hooked Matt up with a buddy in Dickinson, ND … here’s the local newspaper’s article if you’re interested:

    Cheers …

  52. Lori says:

    Between Jordan & Winnett (just E. of Mosby) is the FANCIEST REST AREA I have ever seen! Matt could live there for a month if he wanted to. We stopped there while riding the length of Hwy 200 on our Harley. You’re out in the middle of no-wheres-ville when all of a sudden the Taj Mahal of rest areas looms ahead of you! It had just opened a few years ago when we happened upon it. My husband & I came to the conclusion that MT must have had a million left over in the state coffers that year and were going to lose it if they didn’t use it, so they went WILD with this rest stop construction.

    If Matt is keeping his avg. pace, shouldn’t he be about to Jordan by now? “Where in the world is Matt (NOT Lauer!) ?

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