Day 104

This is where I camped last night

July 8th, 2010

A fairly typical spot for this part of the state


  1. Mike in Phoenix, AZ says:

    Welcome back my strolling friend. I think that several among us may have had the beginnings of withdrawal symptoms from the lack of postings.

    I’ll bet you never knew how many stars were in the sky. Growing up in Merrick Long Island I can remember when we could see the Milky Way. I sure miss those nights. Here in Phx, AZ I need to go north to view the wonders of the night sky.

  2. winnie says:

    matt’s back! yay!!!

  3. To bad your camera phone doesn’t take night pictures. The land is so flat out there, nothing to obstruct the view. And looks like you had your choice of camping spots out there. Was it hard to pick one? ha ha. Glad you’re back Matt and know that you made it through.

  4. Karen Too says:

    Hi Matt, and so nice to see you posting again. As you can see, you were missed.

    What happened to all the hills? Any nocturnal visitors? The night sky must be phenomenal out there, and all along this journey.

  5. Doris says:

    Yeaaaa, you’re back!!!! Been missing ya.

  6. Lori says:

    This is one view of Montana. It changes a lot heading West. SOOOO many beautiful sights in this state, from huge rolling plains to the tallest craggy mountains. Matt’s route from Great Falls to MT-ID border (and beyond) is BEAUTIFUL. I’m sure there will be lots of great pics!

  7. Barb C. says:

    Hay everyone MATT”S BACK.Yeah. Welcome back Matt. I was getting worried about Dorinda and her withdrawals. I should be mowing the yard==but it can wait. Sure ain’t going noplace!!!!he he

    • Thanks Barb. I was getting a little edgy there wasn’t I?
      Yes, the grass certainly isn’t going anywhere. And if it’s dry where you are like here, the dryness is taking care of that. Haven’t mowed the lawn in two weeks. Not growing from lack of rain.

  8. katzien in austin says:

    Did you see that last post with 134 comments?? Too funny….we all missed you and had to talk amongst ourselves for a while. This is amazing..the remoteness is a little overwhelming. When you talk to yourself…do you answer back?

  9. Jeff says:

    Seek and ye shall find……!!

    Matt welcome back. Nice shot like the rest of many other prairie shots. Big Sky and lots of stars I bet, also..
    do tell what the sky looks like at night and what goes through your head….but wait .. not yet…put in a picture book for us all……..!

  10. Gigi says:

    Yey, Matt’s back!

    An endless view of the horizon. Bet the night view is as awesome as well.

    Keep on walking. Stay safe.

  11. Dennis from So Cal says:

    Welcome back to civilization…or at least an on ramp to the internet highway. The Hobo Nation missed your posts yesterday. I hope you are enjoying the “metropolis” of Jordan. Hey they have two bars and you sure have earned yourself a few cold ones!

  12. Lisa in Goldsboro NC says:

    Thank goodness he’s back! I myself would be scared out there all alone! Howling wolves off in the distance perhaps? I must have watched too many old westerns. I’m from the south ya know, and we don’t have grizzly bears or wolves or dinosaurs around here!! Just mosquitos that will drive you crazy at night! Can’t wait for those mountain pictures to come!

  13. Don in Tennessee says:


    Thanks goodness you are safe. As you can see from the last post we have missed you sooooooooo much!

    I guess Verizon finally got the message from the Communications Czar to get more towers up for you! Larry The Cable Guy can be very influential-he can “git er done”!

    Happy walking and welcome back from the HOBO NATION!

  14. Michael in Atlanta says:

    a la any former president of the USA, they should erect a “Matt Green slept here” monument on this spot. Glad to see you back, friend. Keep walking.

  15. Jeff says:

    I might just write down Matt’s name for president next election.

  16. Candice in Alabama says:

    Matt’s back! Woohoo – now on to read the comments!

  17. Craig ( NC!) says:

    I was holding my breath for so long, I was turning blue!
    Welcome back Matt, and thank you for these first few great pics of MORE of Montana!!
    If it’s ok, I lent you my higher power to watch after you during the black out…
    …higher power says “No Problem…his/her watchful eye extends well into Montana and beyond”
    I’m glad your are well.

  18. anon says:

    You should totally use the cc-by license for your photos on flickr! :)

  19. carolyn says:

    Welcome back Matt! I hope your tent has a sky light to view the evening stars.

  20. Angelica says:

    !!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous of you dude. This, and the field in ND with the giant bales of hay lying around, are like, the ideal places to sleep, hands down.

  21. mojinator says:

    wait, how do we know that this is still “our matt”… it’s possible that matt is all tide-up and abducted by this dude.
    and this “dude” has been studying our matt for months and knows too much about how matt takes pictures and labels them like how matt does it. plus, “matt” hasn’t taken a photo with him in it ever since his absence…

    sorry for the late matt withdrawal hehe!


  22. Laurenis says:

    Guess who’s back! So good to see you posting again… I wonder though, is it scary out there at night? I don’t know if i would be able to sleep…or if I would be so exhausted that it wouldn’t matter and i would crash…glad to see you doing well!

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