Day 243

Well, which is it?

August 29th, 2012


  1. Bill Willsie says:

    VERY non-standard lettering. (Even the paint on the cross walks looks fake! Is there actually a stop sign on the “pole” shown in the picture, the top of which we cannot see? VERY ODD. Cannot imagine that the City would condone such markings, assuming it know about them.

  2. Matt's Old Boss says:

    It looks like the City came in and restriped the crosswalk, you can see the old crossing line in the crosswalk striping. Yes, there is a stop sign at the location. Oops, they realized that if you have a stop sign you need a stop line in the street, so don’t get rid of the old letters, but stipe over it. It looks like the new stop lettering was done without a stencil, probably using the striping machine and/or by hand. AND as for the City, they have done worst striping jobs elsewhere, at least “STOP” is spelled correctly.

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