Day 368

Wet Weather Discharge Point

January 1st, 2013

As we learned last January:

Most of NYC's sewers are combined sewers, meaning they collect both sewage from buildings and stormwater runoff from the streets in a single pipe and carry it all to a wastewater treatment plant. During times of significant rainfall or snowmelt, however, the increased volume of runoff entering the sewer can exceed the capacity of the system. In order to prevent a backup, the excess (including untreated sewage) is dumped directly into area waterways.
This outfall is located, appropriately enough, on Flushing Bay. You can see a boom placed on the water to capture discharged floatables, which primarily consist of street litter that has washed into the sewer system.

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  1. Sandra in Ashland says:

    I sure hope you’re right about the “floatables”…….conjures up some odd visions.

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