Day 382

Old Mill Road

January 15th, 2013

A short remnant of a thoroughfare that perhaps once ran to, I don't know, an old mill?


  1. Ronald J. Dillon says:

    This is but one section of several roads from various directions that led to the Old Mill. The mill processed the harvests of the farms of New Lots which generally were located north of New Lots Avenue. Other sections of the roads can been seen in the topographical maps of the area. When the New Lots farms were converted to building lots and developed generally for residential use. The Old Mill was a resort area including a hotel. The Old Mill Yacht Club, founded at the Old Mill proper location is still in existence – but now located on Cross Bay Boulevard in Howard Beach.

  2. Ronald J. Dillon says:

    The various Road(s) to the Old Mill were Dutch/English thoroughfares. Some Dutch/English thoroughfares were accepted by the City of Brooklyn as official thoroughfares. Others were not. Those which were not essentially are considered private property – although ownership can be difficult to determine. Some of the sections of old Dutch/English thoroughfares were given block/lot designations and sold at New York City auctions.

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