Day 408

Van Cortlandt House

February 10th, 2013

Built in 1748-49, this* is the oldest house in the Bronx, and "was the scene of military maneuvers and intrigue" during the Revolutionary War. Here are some great photos of the well-maintained interior, which has served as a museum of 18th-century life since 1896.

* The L-shaped structure on the left is the original house. You can't tell it's L-shaped in this photo, though. This bird's-eye view and this photo of the front of the house should make things a bit clearer.


  1. deanna meyer says:

    What a very cool house! So much character and looks like it’s been well taken care of over the years. America really needs to save treasures like this because our history is fading with every stone/brick/log that is torn down. I wish I had money so I could save things like this. Europe has it all figured out.

  2. gordon satteson says:

    I love that they had the foresight to save this place. I guess it says something about New Yorkers that even in 1896 they saw the importance of this place and have continued to maintain & share it.

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