Day 679

Straus Park

November 8th, 2013

This memorial commemorates the lives and deaths of Isidor Straus, a former congressman and co-owner of Macy's, and his wife Ida. As we learned at Woodlawn Cemetery, the two of them died aboard the Titanic after Isidor passed up a lifeboat seat, seeing that there were still women and children on the ship, and Ida refused to leave his side.

The famed Audrey Munson was the model for the bronze figure of Memory, above. The flower bed from which I took this picture is a relatively recent addition; when the memorial was dedicated (with great fanfare) on April 15, 1915, three years to the day after the Titanic sank, there was a reflecting pool here in front of the sculpture.


  1. Trusman from Alabama says:

    A True Hero, Gentleman, that he gave up his life in order for some one else too, then his wife showed a very True Love for her Husband plus being a Hero True Lady and to have all that wealth they could have secured seats with it, but they chose the later to give life to others. In the Movie, things such as this were left out or writers did not research History enough.

    • Trusman from Alabama says:

      Also there was a rescue ship 10 miles away from the site of Titanic’s sink, had the telegraph operator on the ship not turned his off 15 minutes prior to the accident. Had he not done this a lot of lives may have been saved.

  2. Gigi says:

    This is a small but beautiful park, I visited here last summer. I think the West End Ave starts here.

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