Day 823

1891 Manhattan College diploma

April 1st, 2014

Written entirely in Latin, this diploma (close-up) from Collegii Manhattanensis was awarded to Joannem Josephum Fitzgerald in MDCCCLXLI. I don't know why it was sitting here beside a Sanitation Department garage; perhaps it was rescued from the trash by a garbage collector.

UPDATE: Ben has discovered that the mysterious Mr. Fitzgerald was in all likelihood Congressman John Joseph Fitzgerald from Brooklyn!


  1. thomas says:

    That is so entirely weird and random. Another reason to check Matt’s pictures!
    I think you are right … just too good to throw away so time to try a little informal freecycling. Hell, I would have picked it up. Well, not if I was Matt … it would get mighty heavy through the day. Maybe if it was the last street of the day. :-)

  2. David says:

    With the popularity of this website I hope that the person or a relative sees this and will go and pick it up.

  3. Dave Mills says:

    MDCCCLXLI ??? Don’t you mean MDCCLXII ?

  4. Dave Mills says:

    Oooops. Sorry. I don’t think you can have Roman numeral MDCCCLXLI. Don’t you mean MDCCCLXII . . . or LX something-other-than LI.

    • Matt Green says:

      No, it says MDCCCLXLI. Check the link above to see a close-up of the diploma. A more conventional way to write 1891 would have been MDCCCXCI, but MDCCCLXLI works too.

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