Day 823

Dek Tish

April 1st, 2014

Out in front of someone's house, this sidewalk display case (close-up) of "Fine Disposable Tableware For Your Affair" is aimed at potential Jewish customers here in Borough Park.

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  1. Mrs Reichman says:

    Iā€™m not an official business but am always looking for new & different disposable tableware . I have an organization that makes luncheons for a large group of seniors on a monthly basis . Our draw is that no two set-ups are ever the same. The ladies come to see and enjoy the decor more then the food; all personally cooked for them.

    I would appreciate if you contact me and I can see what you have and get some new ideas

    Right now I am looking for Laura Ashley gold rimmed forest green 10ā€ plates. And the gold rimmed blue 7.5ā€ plate.

    I can be reached thru E Mail , Whats App, or txt msg at 917-671-7359

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