Day 831

Lincoln Terrace

April 9th, 2014

One last little Sheepshead Bay passageway


  1. Jjak says:

    I always wanted to stroll this place. This was the home of one of my heroes, Winsor McCay, the greatest cartoonist who ever lived. His work is full of buildings, houses and architecture. He drew what he saw and what he couldn’t see he dreamed up. They say he could look at something once and draw it perfectly from memory later. Here’s an interesting thing I just found…

    … and here’s an archive of his work which you may enjoy

  2. Jjak says:

    And interesting thing in the house articles – the before, vintage photo, and then the current restoration with a crummy brick front – always makes me wonder why so many builders and developers don’t have a clue about aesthetics and history.
    Just my rant – I’ll shut up now.

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