Day 846

Patio chair squirrel feeder

April 24th, 2014

"Diffuse backyard tension between squirrels and wild birds with humor. . . . cleverly convert pesky squirrels into welcomed backyard comedians. You can't help but laugh the moment you witness a squirrel seated in his very own patio furniture eating corn."

What could be better than that? How about a horse head squirrel feeder: "Makes feasting squirrels look they're wearing a Creepy Horse Mask . . . Takes arrogant squirrels down a peg".


  1. BJL says:

    I have just the right tree for it but… no squirrels in my part of the world. Wonder if I could get the cat to put on the show instead? (Doubtful. She lacks a sense of humour and does not willingly make a fool of herself for the entertainment of others.)

  2. Sandi says:

    BJL–where are you? No squirrels? How simply wonderful!

  3. BJL says:

    I’m in Perth, Western Australia. There are a few squirrels at the zoo here; because they’re novelties to us, we think they’re adorable.

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