Day 1131

Flags of the world

February 3rd, 2015

at Bloomingdale's. How do they decide which flags to fly? Here's an explanation from 1995.

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  1. thefensk says:

    Interesting. This reminds me of the flags at The Plaza Hotel. For years I attended an annual meeting there, always in the same meeting room on the second floor. The men’s restroom was right across the hall. One day, a small door in the restroom was open … in it were cubbyholes with dozens (perhaps hundreds) of flags. I poked my head in the opening and could see there was a passageway that lead out to another door where one could see daylight. One entrance (on the side I think) of The Plaza is always adorned with flags. I guessed this was the day to change them. I think about that every time a tv show or movie shows an outside shot of The Plaza because it is always that flagged entrance.

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