Day 1141

Shrine of St. Christopher

February 13th, 2015

The patron saint of travelers at St. Christopher's Roman Catholic Church


  1. Connie Korot says:

    St. Christopher, please pray for my son, Brian. He travels for his job but his hours have been cut in half due to losing two patients. Please keep him safe but also please increase his hours back to full time. We are struggling now because of lack of money. Thank you.

  2. TS says:

    -I ask for petitions that my family’s vacation goes incredibly well from 5/8 to 5/14. I pray the flights are on time, safe, smooth and that we get comfortable seating. I pray we all remain healthy the whole trip and that nothing bad happens to us. Like sickness or injury, etc. Also, I pray that we all get along very well and that we have an extremely fun time without any type of fighting, jealousy, etc.
    – I ask prayers that all of our finances work out fine and that the hotel customer service is top notch and they take care of us in ever way.
    -Lastly, I pray that our house caretaker will be fine and that our dogs and house remain safe/healthy the whole time we are gone. I pray nothing negative happens while we are gone

  3. Jim says:

    I ask St. Christopher to help me as I vacation with my family. That the trip will be restful, safe, peace – with no conflicts; that each of us will be safe; that I will be offered the opportunity to attend Mass; that vehicles will be well maintained; that finances will be sufficient; that health for all will be good; that accomodations will be clean and safe. I ask that all will be well and safe with our homes; that family remaining at home will be well and safe. Thank you.

  4. Deshawn says:

    Praying for divine blessings, divine heavenly atmosphere filled with the presence of Jesus Christ heal the USA land, divine intervention, divine healing, divine clarity, divine providence, divine beauty, divine perfection, divine perfect vision, divine smooth skin on genitals genitalia smoothest like the smoothest streets of gold in Heaven, divine faith, divine prosperity, divine treasures of heaven, divine miraculous healing hands, divine armor of light, divine order, divine success, divine abundance, divine intelligence, divine glory, divine smooth blemish free clean skin from head to toe, angelic forces fighting on my behalf, divine angelic invasion on assignment doing Gods divine holy will, divine royal priesthood blessings, plead the divine Blood Of Jesus Christ, divine holiness, divine cleanliness, divine love, divine purity, divine blessing beautifying countenance, divine beautiful smooth perfection bodily symmetry from head to toe, divine victory in life, divine wins in life, divine justice, divine panacea, divine energy, divine fire, divine timing, divine peace, divine truth, divine sophistication, divine originality, divine heavenly style, divine favor, divine marvelous healing hands, divine strength, divine winnings, divine protection, divine anointing, a new divine car, a new divine house, divine money blessings more than enough to meet all my necessities blessings of money to remove all my tattoos, divine realms of glory, divine realms of heaven, divine angelic realm, Gods holy will be done in Jesus Christ Name Amen.

  5. Shawn Sun says:

    Prayer for divine healing divine perfect health divine Angelic invasion divine protection divine protection from saint Michael divine success divine newness divine love divine cleanliness divine justice divine order divine wins divine victory divine love divine Penecostal fire revival divine manna divine money from Heaven divine clean clear smooth unblemished Immaculate skin from head to toes divine Blood of Jesus Christ Washing

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