Day 1151


February 23rd, 2015

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  1. Karen Too says:

    Ha ha. :-)

    If you don’t already, you should own at least one sign like this one.


    A beautiful shot with the clouds, the angle, the reflections.


    Winter has shown up here already.

    It snowed last Sunday, 10/18/15. I was out in it, taking photos, hiking about. Loved it all.

    Flurries were falling all day, off/on, and then late afternoon there was something like a flash storm with high winds, and major snow.

    At the time, I was standing at the edge of a river flanked by mountains, and got happily caught in the storm.

    It was a pretty drama watching the storm over the water, and also running along the top of the mountains.


    As always, loving this blog. I may not comment a lot these days, but I am still here reading it.

    Thanks, Matt. :-)

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