Day 10

Jerome Slope

January 9th, 2012

Step streets are not an uncommon sight in the West Bronx. This unusually elaborate and windy one is actually administered by the Parks Department, under the name "Jerome Slope". It's the namesake of Leonard Jerome, a prominent financier in nineteenth-century New York who also turned out to be the grandfather of Winston Churchill.


  1. Sharon Xu says:

    Thank you for showing the beauty of Bronx. I am a resident in west Bronx near Jerome Reservoir. I will follow you to discover the Bronx.

  2. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Pretty. Bet it’s even prettier in the summer in full bloom.

  3. Joisy Jeff says:

    I love the Bronx. My birthplace.

  4. Dennis Harper says:

    That’s my old school, PS 73. Kids would play around just under where the school is. There was along rope that somehow was tied to a high tree branch. You’d swing out and get serious air. On the other hand I found lots of nice garnet in the hill’s bedrock. They were like little rubies. I was educated both in and under the school.

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