Day 11

Just a discarded Budweiser box…

January 10th, 2012

...with a headless chicken in it! Animal sacrifices are apparently not that uncommon in parks around the city (although this is the first evidence of one I've seen in person); it is often speculated that they are part of SanterĂ­a rituals.


  1. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:


  2. Cher Bartlett says:

    Yea Matt. Glad to hear you are off on another jaunt. Be really careful. I have heard NY can be scary but never been there.
    I’m sure you will prove us all wrong again with humanity. Media is not so kind but from your previous walk across the US I know you will prove the media wrong with the New Yorkers. 95% of people are all good. So excited for your journey. You’re amazing!


  3. Joisy Jeff says:

    there is actualy the same thing…headless chicken w/head right next to it..outside my building in Elmwook Park, Nj today…..honest truth. Go figure. our chicken did not have the benefit of a final brew though.

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