Day 24

Portal of the day

January 23rd, 2012


  1. tom says:

    This building looks very familiar- I believe its in Long Island city- one of the few areas in the city that doesnt seem to have changed very much

  2. Glenda Moore says:

    Hi Tom, there’s a “View on map” link for each picture – I hadn’t noticed it until recently. This building is on Centre Street, by Avenue of the Finest, across from City Hall Park. Is that Long Island City?

  3. Gigi says:

    The View on Map link for the above pic is that for the first 9/11 Memorial taken on Day 2 There must have been a glitch on the links attached.

    Better to click on the pic itself which will take you to Hobo Matt’s flickr photostream. The map on the photostream for this particular pic will show that this was taken in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which I think is a more accurate location.

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