Day 107

Time capsules in Flushing Meadows

April 15th, 2012

There are two time capsules buried in Flushing Meadows Park, one from each World's Fair. They're intended to stay unopened for 5,000 years! If you're interested in what was included in the capsules, you can find full lists of the contents here (1939-40 fair) and here (1964-65 fair); the mosaic list above is not complete.


  1. David says:

    Doesn’t it sorta spoil the surprise if they list all the contents?!

    • Amanduh says:

      That was my first thought, too. Yes, the mosaic list may not be complete, but it’s like a movie preview: if you show me all the plot twists in the commercial, it’s not that exciting to watch.

  2. Stephanie says:

    They didn’t use spell check first. lol

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