Day 132

(The former) Awesome mailbox #56

May 10th, 2012

The assumption underlying my original declaration of awesomeness was that this postal receptacle was a unique, and quite substantial, celebration of the first letter of the resident family's last name. In the months since I took this photo, however, I have spotted several similar mailboxes around the five boroughs. Apparently, this is a common design that normally cradles a round-bottomed flower planter. Of course, I can't rule out the possibility that these folks actually are a C family, and that they've converted a formerly planterized mailbox into a three-foot-high expression of family pride. While such an act would certainly lie toward the awesome end of the spectrum, I don't think it would be sufficient to raise this mass-produced contraption to the level of official awesomeness.

You can check out this mailbox's replacement in the postal pantheon here.

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  1. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    C even in NYC you keep finding awesome mailboxes.

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