Day 133

1968 Plymouth Fury

May 11th, 2012

A woman I met in passing swore this car hasn't moved in ten years. There's no alternate-side parking here on Edison Avenue, so I suppose it's possible, although the registration is up to date and the tires are fully inflated. The pavement beneath the car does look a little discolored...

But, sadly, it appears she was wrong. When the Googlemobile passed by in September 2007, this car was nowhere to be seen. It does appear in one undated aerial photo, though not in a second one. And the bird's-eye views are inconclusive. The most likely explanation would seem to be that the owner lives in the adjacent house and regularly parks in this spot because it is convenient and, given the ample street parking in the area, generally available.


  1. Goon says:

    Don’t think you can get a car inspected without moving it off its curbside parking spot.

    That car is a survivor, for sure. How many cars like this survive, in original unrestored condition, in places that salt the roads? Not many . . .

  2. Shae says:

    Maybe the owner works nights and the woman just never sees him gone?

  3. tom says:

    another sign of the ‘recession’. how long before it just falls apart and is taken in for scrap?

  4. Best before May 11, 1978.

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