Day 151


May 29th, 2012

This statue memorializes the Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum (an offshoot of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum of New York), which stood on this site from 1892 to 1939. I don't know who Rebeka was, but her likeness was sculpted by Maurice Hexter, a leader of the HOA's successor organization.

One notable former resident of the orphanage was eden ahbez, who wrote the song "Nature Boy", which our old friend Rob played for me when I visited him back in Wisconsin.

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  1. Composer eden ahbez was definitely the original long-haired hippie. Moved to California and lived under the Hollywood sign in 1940s. Fell in love with a lady he saw on a bus, had a son called Zoma. Even met Nat King Cole, who made his song a hit, on TV show. Here’s a link to pix, etc:

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