Day 161

Philip Dietz Coal Company

June 8th, 2012

Like our friend Rubel, Mr. Dietz dealt in coal and ice. He's featured in this history of the neighborhood's ice industry, a wonderful window on the days when the ice man still made his rounds.


  1. Peter M. Dietz says:

    Thank you for the photo! That was my dad’s company.

  2. KEVIN SMITH says:

    Peter, Philip Dietz is my great grandfather & I’m 69. That would make you over 100 years old. There is no mention of a Peter in any records I’ve seen. His children were Gustave, Harry, & Gertrude. Gustave, my grandfather, ran the company after his father passed. Then it was run by Warren, his son, until it was sold I believe in the 1990’s. The building was sold to the local electric company & although they were going to demolish the coal silos for more room, I believe they are still there. They were so thick that it was not economical. Grandpa’s children were Warren, Dorothy,(Mom) & Bobbie. All have passed.

    • Susan Buckley Martingano says:

      My grandma and grandpa were Harry and Viola Dietz. I remember pictures of their boat called “The Harvio” They got rid of it way before I was born. My Mom and Dad were Marilyn and Bruce Buckley. I grew up in Port Washington. I remember a very nice woman named Dotti Smith who lived near St. Francis Hospital.

  3. KEVIN SMITH says:

    There were also Emil & May Pflug as children of Philip.

  4. Kerrie Hansen says:

    Harry married an older cousin of my mine, Viola Randall. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few times, however the last time it was a family reunion and she was a delightful old women, who loved to tell stories. Her daughter Marilyn was going to start working on a family tree as well.

    I should reach out to Marilyn’s daughter, to see if she has the tree she was working on.

    • Susan Buckley Martingano says:

      My Mom was Marilyn Dietz Buckley. Viola was my Grandma. They lived in Sands Point. They entertained a lot!

      • Catherine Flynn says:

        Kevin, This solves a big mystery for our family. Our great grandmother was Magdeline (Minna) Steininger and her sister was Margaretha Steininger, who was married to August Stutzmann. They had three children, the 2nd daughter was Minnie Margaret Stutzmann, who married Gustave F. Dietz. I see that Gustave’s parents were Philip and Katherine Dietz.
        Our family was always told our great great grandmother was a Dietz but it turns out she was a Steininger and her sister’s daughter married a Dietz. I think they went to a Dietz Family reunion and got confused.
        Anyway, your post was helpful!

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