Day 164

Find the cat!

June 11th, 2012

You'll probably have better luck with a larger version of this photo.

Hint: You can only see its head.


  1. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Oh my gosh Matt! How did you see him in all that? Cute little thing.

  2. David says:

    Found it! (after about 30 minutes of searching)

  3. CJ in MN says:

    found it! 30 seconds

  4. David says:

    30 secs, give me a break! No way, CJ!

  5. Gigi says:

    How cute! She’s looking at you, with her nose so white.

  6. andrew says:

    Thanks Gigi, I looked for about ten minutes yesterday to no avail, but after reading your comment today I spotted the little varmint instantly! merci!

  7. tom says:

    where is it?

    • Dad says:

      On the enlarged version, look about 3 inches up from the bottom and 1.5 inches from the right side. I thought I saw a small dog, too, but he must have gone to pee somewhere outside of the borders since I can’t find him anymore.

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