Day 170

A future politician

June 17th, 2012

She certainly invested in long-lasting stickers! Perhaps she's trying to maintain name recognition for her City Council run in 2017.

The block on which this photo and the next were taken, bordering the Self-Transcendence 3100 racecourse to the south, was itself the site of a race today: the annual Father's Day marathon held by — wouldn't you know it — the disciples of Sri Chinmoy!

Unlike its famous branded November counterpart, this New York City marathon is a rather modest affair. The runners show up, quietly lap the block until they hit 26.2 miles, and then head home. There's no self-congratulatory fist-pumping at the finish line; the closest thing I saw was one girl who, after completing her last lap, stopped to pick up a bunch of plastic cups that had been knocked over and scattered on the ground nearby.

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