Day 178

Sacred Hearts-St. Stephen’s Church

June 25th, 2012

Completed in 1875, this neo-Gothic structure was built by the Parish of St. Stephen. The Church of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, once located about half a mile north of here, was condemned in 1941 to make way for the BQE (which you can see in this photo being traveled by the white car and red bus), and the two parishes merged.

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  1. mary pat kane says:

    fabulous photo, matt and thx for call reminder for cats on 4th place, my cell phone was left behind at a job last week and i haven’t collected it and your number was on there, very thoughtful but i’m a cal. freak and a pet freak and, in general, overly responsible so i had remembered.

    love that church, see from my window, think fixed the top recently. keep on walking. but sneak in some cool places these days.


    they have a new bench by the bus stop at atlantic and court and people are THRILLED with it, just a simple bench but it’s provoking all these conversations every time i go by there.

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