Day 831

Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead

April 9th, 2014

Built around 1766, this house is "the best preserved, and considered by many the most beautiful example of Dutch Colonial architecture in Brooklyn". Two Hessian soldiers who were quartered here during the Revolutionary War scratched their names into the windows; the framed panes now hang inside on the wall amid a huge collection of relics. In the 250 or so years of the house's existence, it's been occupied by a string of only three different families: the Wyckoffs, the Bennetts, and, since 1983, the Monts. For a look inside the place, check out this photo gallery and this eight-minute video.

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  1. gordon satteson says:

    I always love your posts, but like them even more when you share interior shots. This one is superb to me because some of my ancestors came to America as Hessian soldiers. Next year I’m planning to come to NYC and take in some of this wonderful history first-hand. Until then, let me thank you for providing this wonderful connection to my past!

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