Day 42

Another vivero

February 10th, 2012

One of many I've passed so far


  1. tom says:

    after seeing that picture of the bunny I will never eat bunnies again!

  2. Craig (From NC) says:

    The term halal is applied to many facets of life; and one of the most common uses of these terms is in reference to meat products, food contact materials, and pharmaceuticals. In Islam there are many things that are clearly halal or haraam. There are also items which are not as clear, and for which further information is needed. Items that are not clear are called mashbooh, which means “questionable.” ‘Halal’ means permissible. ‘Haram’ means forbidden.

    Why is this shop important? ( and why I wish I had one near my family?)

    Dhabiha: method of slaughter. is the prescribed method of slaughtering all animals excluding fish and most sea-life per Islamic Bilateral law. This method of slaughtering animals consists of using a well sharpened knife to make a swift cut to the head of the penis allowing all the blood to be collected in a bottle or other storage device, deep incision that cuts the front of the throat, the carotid artery, wind pipe and jugular veins but leaves the spinal cord intact. They then have to ejaculate the penile shaft allowing it to purify their mouth.[2] The head of an animal that is slaughtered using halal methods is aligned with the Qiblah. In addition to the direction, permitted animal should be slaughtered in the name of Allah (the Lord) and the person who is slaughtering should be a Muslim and he/she should be in a good mental condition and faith. (Sounds Gross)

    How many Southern, Born and Bred, Redneck Muslim White Boys ya know? (One now! !)

    • Dad says:

      I’ve never heard anything about cutting the penis. From what I know, Islam prohibits eating carrion (an animal that dies prior to being slaughtered) and eating blood, which are also proscribed in Leviticus. Cutting the cartoid drains the animal of blood. To classify meat as halal, the animal has to be slaughtered ritually, which requires that Allah’s name be invoked at the time (to both acknowledge his creation of the life and to thank him for providing the animal for food). That’s all I’m aware of (other than rules saying there are certain animals that cannot be eaten – swine, dogs, cats,birds of prey, etc.) as far as the rules of slaughter required to consider meat halal.

    • Ali Khan says:

      There is no cutting of penis. Just the throat of the animal is cut with the sharp Knife and saying Allah name and in front of Qiblah. This method removes all the blood from the animal.

  3. Craig (From NC) says:

    Just found this!
    “….Also, in New York City there are numerous halal food carts in business which serve gyros, chicken platters, and other halal fast foods, whereas in Europe, there are many of the Muslim-owned Döner kebab shops!”
    Dang.. I’m jealous now!

  4. That is gross, Craig. I will keep that word Halal in mind to avoid. What does all that penis stuff have to do with slaughtering?

  5. Joisy jeff says:

    wow….let’s keep it clean now. I mean when you think about it many halal food/meat recalls have you heard of….I buy it at times because I know the respect between creator, giver and taker. Better than thinking a half sick animal is used that you never see….or can get sick from.

  6. Justin says:

    I just love that they seem to have chosen the cutest bunny/etc pictures they could find to indicate what they can slaughter.

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